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Christian Internship Opportunity at Ykids

Internship information 2021/22

The Internship Programme is designed for young people who are willing to give a year of their life to be challenged, with a view to exploring what God might want for them in the future.


We believe in investing in the next generation of leaders and helping raise “World Changers” who believe in themselves and are passionate about making a difference.


The Internship programme is designed to help you grow your leadership skills, serve the community and deepen your faith.

Who we are

Ykids is a Christian charity which has been working in Bootle for 19 years. We have a passion to see lives changed and young people given the best life chances and opportunities.


We believe regeneration and better futures can come about by encouraging young people to become resilient, confident and happy; providing opportunities, training and employment; raising aspirations and dreams for the future; offering exciting and creative projects and creating a sense of local pride and lasting change in our community.


We also believe however that true transformation can only come about through a life changing encounter with Christ. To this end we deliver a range of projects to reach unchurched children and young people and support local churches in developing effective outreach and discipleship.


Our Vision

To equip children and young people to become World Changers.



Make Change: To equip young people to cope with whatever life throws at them, have plans and hopes for their future and skills to make their dreams a reality.


Be Change: To encourage young people to ‘be the change they want to see’ in their community


Champion Change: To enable our community, families and institutions to make change to nurture young people in an environment where they can thrive.


We believe that God is concerned about the whole person – and loves every part of us and wants us to be successful in every aspect of our lives. Our mission therefore is to bring hope, love, joy and opportunities in the life of children and help them discover they can have life and purpose in God’s kingdom.


Why Bootle?

Bootle is one of the most deprived communities in the UK ranking in the worst 1 and 2% for many areas of need. There is high unemployment, low self-esteem, drug use, gangs, and crime. Many children grow up in single parent families, on low incomes and have poor school attainment.


People in Bootle live 10 years less than the national average and 20 years less than people in the most affluent areas of the UK. All these factors together mean that cycles of poverty and low self-esteem continue.


Since 2002 Ykids has been breaking these cycles, seeing kids drop out of gangs, change behaviours, stop drug taking, succeed at school, go to university and get jobs. We have discovered that love, acceptance and believing in young people makes the world of difference and transforms lives.


Is this something you want to be part of?


What is expected?

Ykids are offering a year internship as part of a dynamic team working in schools, delivering projects, youth and kids church, holiday clubs, camps and large-scale community events.


This is a Christian Internship – you will be a professing Christian wanting to explore more about what God has in store for your life. Doesn’t sound like you? Ask about our apprenticeships instead! You will be expected to act as a positive role model, ambassadors of Christ and of Ykids.


We are looking for people who:

  • Have a vibrant Christian faith
  • Have a passion to see young lives changed
  • Want to explore a call to youth work/ children’s work/ministry
  • Are seeking support to grow their leadership potential
  • Want to gain practical experience of working in an urban community
  • Want to develop current and learn new skills in music/ sport/ art/ performance/ worship/ preaching/ writing/ film/ media/ project management/ developing programmes and much more.

You will be expected to treat the internship with respect as a great deal of time and money will be invested in you. You will be expected to treat the internship like a job – be punctual, respectful, and willing to learn. The more you put in, the more you get out! We’ll take the time to get to know you, encouraging you to grow and develop to the best of your abilities. This may include taking on more leadership and responsibility in the work that you do.


Streams available

Ykids works in a number of different areas and you could focus your internship on one or a combination of these to help you develop your skills and passion:

  • Youth Work
  • Children’s Work
  • Schools work
  • 1-2-1 mentoring
  • Business administration
  • Community outreach
  • Retail and hospitality
  • Media and marketing
  • Additional Needs work
  • Fund Raising
  • Finance

What you’ll be doing

Being on the Ykids team will give you a wide range of experiences. These will include:

  • Working in schools; delivering workshops, self-esteem programmes, assemblies, lunchtime drop ins, 1-2-1 mentoring, after school projects and much more.
  • Working in the community supporting; Family projects, social action projects, large events, fun days, awards ceremonies, clean ups, art projects and much more.
  • Working with children & young people; delivering youth café church (Rise), clubs, as well as working with young people in our community work (see above)
  • Developing personal skills such as confidence, presentation skills, public speaking, and leadership.

Working for a charity such as ours means we can be flexible in tailoring your internship to fit other skills you want to develop, such as:

  • Fund raising, monitoring & evaluation, policy writing, marketing & graphic design, photography, worship and more.

We’re also interested in the skills you already have and want you to be able to use them in your work with us.


You will be working 35 hours a week. This will include some weekends and evenings and at busy times you will be expected to put a few more hours in. Our flexible hours mean that you’ll always get time back when you work over your hours.


What it costs?

There is NO COST to the Internship programme and Ykids will also offer:

  • All training/ uniform and other costs (Accommodation and food would be your own responsibility.)
  • £50 a week training allowance
  • Annual travel pass


Will I be safe?

Because Ykids is in an area characterised by gangs and crime sometimes people think they are coming to the wild west! No, it really isn’t like that and your safety is paramount! Most of our work is early intervention – that means we work with children and young people before they get involved in very bad behaviour.


If you or your family are worried, then we would be very happy to chat to you. Over the years we have supported 100’s of young people on gap years internships, apprenticeships, work placements and university placements. Some of them even work for us now!


We are also aware that the current situation of Covid-19 affects our staff team, office work and the face to face work we do with children and young people. We have put special measures in place to keep everyone safe at work and we are currently running all our children and youth sessions via zoom. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


What happens next?

If this is sounding all very exciting and intriguing for you and you’re thinking I want to take the next step, it’s really simple! You will need to fill in the application form attached with the pack and send it to neilhayes@ykids.co.uk.


If you’re thinking this sounds great but I’ve got a few more questions I would like to ask, then ring us on 0151 9442111 and ask for either Neil or Claire who will happily speak to you. Or better still come and visit us!


When you’ve submitted your application, we will ask you to come to Ykids so we can have an interview and we’ll show you the local area, so you can get a feel for it. Don’t worry this is not an ‘Apprentice’ style interview with Lord Alan Sugar, it’s just a couple of the Ykids staff wanting to get to know you better and a chance for you to find out more about us.


We’ll then let you know a week after as to whether you’ve been offered a place on the internship and we’ll start putting all the plans into action, so you can start early September.


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