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To equip children and young people to become world changers

Our vision is to raise world changers – young people who believe that they can, and then do make a difference. We live in a global village with infinite access through many forms of communication which offers a plethora of opportunities to today’s young people, but it also exposes them to the many issues and challenges. It’s easy for young people to become despondent and feel powerless at the sheer volume of problems in the world today, however everyone can make a difference – whether big or small if they believe they can and have the emotional resilience to keep going even when the going gets tough.


Our vision is for a world where children feel safe, loved and lead happy and productive lives, making a positive impact in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. This is how we aim to do it.


Our Aims:

1. To equip children and young people to cope with whatever life throws at them, have plans and hopes for their future and skills to make their dreams a reality.


Life can be tough for young people today whatever their background but more so if you are growing up in a deprived community with fewer opportunities, but with, safe places to be and belong, people who believe in and champion you and opportunities to gain practical and life skills then anything can be achieved. We promote positive mental health and wellbeing and work to enable young people grow in emotional resilience, personal confidence and hope for an exciting future.



Youth and children’s projects, CBT programmes, Cooking, community gardening, bee keeping and other skill-based programmes, Homework clubs, Literacy projects, school workshops and extra-curricular education, events, activities Kingsley and Co, mentoring, training opportunities, placements, faith projects, residentials, holiday clubs and much more.


2. To encourage children and young people to be agents of change in their community.


Young people often feel powerless and not listened to with others making the decisions for their lives. We work to enable young people to not only be heard but be agents of the change they want to see through role modelling, volunteering and social action. We encourage them not to just tell others their hopes and dreams but to make them happen.



Volunteering, young volunteer programme, youth and children’s forums, social action projects, mentoring, peer mentoring, youth leadership, publishing their written work (poetry/stories/recipes) community art projects.


3. To enable our community, its families and institutions to make change and be changed.


For young people to thrive they need to be nurtured, supported and given opportunities to grow, test new ideas, take responsibility and have a safe place to succeed and to fail. We seek to support young people by addressing the environment around them, creating opportunities, raising awareness, championing their voice at strategic levels, supporting families and engaging decision makers and influencers.



Family support work, community events and showcases, North Perk café, Community Garden, the Believe Awards, being part of a wide range of networks and forums championing young people, training community influencers, leaders and churches

Our Values


Young People At The Centre

At the heart of everything we do, young people are always our first priority.


Assets Not Issues

Valuing everyone for what they bring and not the challenges they face.



Committing for the long haul, to people, places and transformation.



Working with others and building friendships.



Constantly seeking ways we can improve and make new discoveries.



Dream big dreams.



Inspiring imaginations.



To be the best we can be.



Life is for living and enjoying.



In yourself, in others, in God.