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Coronavirus – A Note To Parents And Caregivers

Dear Parents,


As you know we are in the middle of an unexpected situation which is changing daily as the UK faces the problem of the Coronavirus. This can be quite frightening for everyone especially children so its good time to reassure them that they are the least at risk group.


At Ykids we want to keep our children and families safe – so we would like to inform you what we are going to do from Monday 16th March for the safety of everyone.

* We will introduce hand washing at all our clubs as they start and finish.

* We have increased our cleaning regime including daily cleaning door handles, and surfaces that are regularly touched.

* We have removed towels and encourage use of hand dryers or paper towels

* We have put out tissue boxes to encourage tissue use for coughs, sneezes (and bogies!)

* We have put up hand washing posters to remind everyone to wash their hands more often.

* All cutlery/cups etc will go through a dishwasher and not be washed by hand.


Apart from that it is business as usual!


We would also like to ask you to help us to keep the most vulnerable in our community safe. 

* Reassure children they are a low risk but we are keeping other people safe

* Please do not send a child to Ykids if they are unwell or if they have been off school during that day – even if they feel better.

* If you, a member of your household/close family or your children contract coronavirus – please inform Ykids

* If your child’s school closes – please do not send them to Ykids Groups

* If all schools close, Ykids will also close its public groups until schools reopen. This will include family groups/ drop ins and Kingsley and Co.

* You can keep in contact through facebook/email/twitter/ phone/ our website etc..


If we become aware that a member of staff or a Ykids child/volunteer/family contracts the Coronavirus we will inform you so that you can take appropriate action. 


If you have any worries or concerns about your children’s safety or need more information about Ykids response and planning for Coronavirus (Covid19), please give us a call.


For more advice on the Coronavirus/whether or not you should self-isolate, contact NHS on 111.


Thanks for your support.


Claire Morgans


On behalf of the Ykids Trustees