Dear Parents,


As you know we are in the middle of an unexpected situation which is changing daily as the UK faces the problem of the Coronavirus. This can be quite frightening for everyone especially children so its good time to reassure them that they are the least at risk group.


At Ykids we want to keep our children and families safe – so we would like to inform you what we are going to do from Monday 16th March for the safety of everyone.

* We will introduce hand washing at all our clubs as they start and finish.

* We have increased our cleaning regime including daily cleaning door handles, and surfaces that are regularly touched.

* We have removed towels and encourage use of hand dryers or paper towels

* We have put out tissue boxes to encourage tissue use for coughs, sneezes (and bogies!)

* We have put up hand washing posters to remind everyone to wash their hands more often.

* All cutlery/cups etc will go through a dishwasher and not be washed by hand.


Apart from that it is business as usual!


We would also like to ask you to help us to keep the most vulnerable in our community safe. 

* Reassure children they are a low risk but we are keeping other people safe

* Please do not send a child to Ykids if they are unwell or if they have been off school during that day – even if they feel better.

* If you, a member of your household/close family or your children contract coronavirus – please inform Ykids

* If your child’s school closes – please do not send them to Ykids Groups

* If all schools close, Ykids will also close its public groups until schools reopen. This will include family groups/ drop ins and Kingsley and Co.

* You can keep in contact through facebook/email/twitter/ phone/ our website etc..


If we become aware that a member of staff or a Ykids child/volunteer/family contracts the Coronavirus we will inform you so that you can take appropriate action. 


If you have any worries or concerns about your children’s safety or need more information about Ykids response and planning for Coronavirus (Covid19), please give us a call.


For more advice on the Coronavirus/whether or not you should self-isolate, contact NHS on 111.


Thanks for your support.


Claire Morgans


On behalf of the Ykids Trustees

Based in one of the UK’s most deprived areas, YKIDS’ vision is to see the transformation of Bootle through its children and young people, by encouraging and giving the necessary tools to children from disadvantaged backgrounds to become ‘world changers’


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It has been so great working with you this year and so many exciting projects and activities have taken place. Thank you for being part of Ykids and making it such a great place to be.


Unfortunately, we have some sad news. As you know Ykids is a charity and must fund raise to provide all our activities and events. Like so many, it has been a very difficult year financially and we have not been able to raise all the necessary funds to keep on all our staff into next year. This means that from January we will be saying goodbye to some of our wonderful team. Ali, Joy, and Abi will be moving to pastures new and we are sorry to lose them. We think they are amazing and will be greatly missed. Nikki and Matt will no longer be full time in the office, but you will hopefully see them around at projects as sessional workers.


We will be moving forward with a smaller team so may not be able to offer as many projects as we have been for a little while. We will be back in January and as usual we will start groups towards the end of the month with a few events before that. We are looking at some new ways to move forward developing new and exciting partnerships that mean we will be able to offer a Drama Project, Horrid History of Bootle Project and a wigathon with Wigzeewoo! These and more details to follow!


In the meantime, we value your ideas and support. Please let us know if and how Ykids makes a difference to you – it helps us when speaking to funders.


Thank you for your continued support. Have a great Christmas and we will see you in the new year!


Best wishes,
The Ykids Team

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PowerUp is a group just for girls which is all about being our best selves. We learn from the stories of girls who are world changers, like Malala Yousafzai, to inspire and excite us.

Malala Yousafzai is an incredible young woman who was the youngest recipient to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and is a brilliant female activist for girls’ education. On October 9, 2012 Malala boarded a bus to advocate for Pakistani girls’ education when the Taliban shot her in the head and neck. She was 15. Malala not only survived, but kept fighting and speaking out for girls. Malala has shown incredible bravery and dedication in her fight for education.

In 2019 she is still working hard, as an advocate and an activist. When I think about Malala’s life, I see resilience shining out of her. She set up the Malala Fund, which empowers other young women in the developing world to change their lives and communities and she continues to speak for girls who don’t have a voice, like in her new book about refugees, We Are Displaced (Malala Yousafzai, 2019).

In her memoir, she writes “I told myself, Malala, you have already faced death. This is your second life. Don’t be afraid — if you are afraid, you can’t move forward.” (Malala Yousafzai, I Am Malala). The words we tell ourselves are significant. “If you are afraid, you can’t move forward” is a powerful thing to say to encourage moving forward. Why not try writing your own inspiring words this International Women’s Day? Some words that the girls at #PowerUp live by are ‘Live to Love, Love to Laugh’, ‘Challenge Accepted’ and ‘There is only one you, ~you’re unique ~ love yourself!’ Like Malala, we can all choose to use our words to speak words of life.

Buying things is great. It doesn’t matter whether it’s booking a holiday, catching up with
friends over a coffee or purchasing a new gift for the kids. I struggle to get through the
checkout without slipping chocolate into my trolley. But without a budget, that nice feeling
from buying something would wear off too quickly.

When you hear the word ‘budget’, what does it make you feel? Restricted, controlled,
stressed? Or maybe you don’t have ‘time’ to budget.

At first, the idea of budgeting to me, wasn’t as sexy as spending. It looked too hard and
restrictive. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though I’m a massive spender, over
the past eight years I’ve learnt the benefit of budgeting. I want to challenge the myth that
budgeting is boring. It’s actually empowering and puts you more in control of those pounds,
than you may think.

Having a budget for your income allows you to prioritise what you want to spend your
money on. It allows you to be in the driving seat of your finances and make the decisions
you want to make. It allows you to see where every penny of your money is going. It
reduces the stress and pressure to get to the next payday.

Budgeting is simply, prioritising what you want to spend your money on and then spending
it. It’s simply about getting a true picture of your money and making small adjustments.

My husband and I have lived on one income for the past four years and even before that I
was only paid one day a week whilst my husband was paid full time, so we know what it is
like to live on a lower income. We have two kids to feed, a car to run, bills to pay and we still
manage to save each month.

Does it make our life any less fun? NO! I would argue that it is less stressful because I am in
control of my money and only spending what I have available. When the washing machine
packed in, I could replace it with little stress as a result of getting in control of my money, by

This isn’t for everyone, however, if you want to give your finances a makeover, here are a
few tips:

1. Work out how much money you have coming in (monthly).
2. Prioritise what you need/want to spend your money on that month (be honest with
3. Allocate EVERY penny to different things on paper. E.G food, transport, bills, rent,
4. Try to have a ‘rainy day fund’ for those times when things break and need replacing,
for example, the boiler.
5. If you overspend, don’t stress about it, just cut back and maybe re-think it next
6. Be realistic.

7. Take control of the money that you have and enjoy deciding what to do with it!

There are many of us out there that live from one payday to the next. We get stressed by
money and worry if we can afford to pay our bills. Getting your money in order requires
one small positive choice after another. So, start today.

If you are struggling with Debt, there are some fantastic services out there to help and
support you. Below are contact details for two organisations that we would highly

CAP (Christians against poverty):

Citizens Advice Bureau:

What do you do with your left-over cranberry sauce? Does it stay in your fridge until next Christmas? Does it go in the bin? Or is this a stupid question because it was totally demolished by the family members on Christmas day?

I thought I would share with you a very simple but oh so yummy lunch recipe that I created
yesterday? I’m a big fan of creating new recipe’s using leftovers and this one is a game changer. You may have tried a bacon, brie and cranberry panini at your local café, but this is using one of my favourite cheeses – the (always in my fridge) faithful goats’ cheese!

So, the ingredients – grab yourself a plain bagel, 2 rashers of bacon, a handful of spinach, some soft goats’ cheese and that sweet delicious left-over cranberry sauce.

And now to the recipe – Throw your bacon in the frying pan, cooking it to how you like it (to crisp or
not to crisp, that is the question when it comes to bacon), slice your bagel in half and pop in your
toaster. When the bread and meat are cooked, its now time to stack.

Spread your soft goats’ cheese on your toasted bagel. Starting with your bottom bagel half, stack
your bacon, spinach and a good dollop of cranberry sauce, and then close it all off with your bagel
top and enjoy. A nice way to start the new year still feeling a tad festive.