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Bee’s in the UK are among the most environmentally-critical species in the wild, yet they are also among the most at risk. By sponsoring a Ykids bee, you not only help local bee’s maintain a healthy population, you’re also helping young people learn how to become trained beekeepers. This gives them the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world, learn new skills of entrepreneurship and even start their own buzzing businesses!


Bee Keeping & Ykids

Buzzinga Bees (our beekeeping group) has been running since 2013. Young people designed and shape the project, as well as learning bee keeping, young people pass on their knowledge and passion running workshops in schools and the community.


Sponsor A Bee

Our young bee keepers came up with the idea of Sponsor A Bee to raise money for the beekeeping project and for Ykids as a whole. This has opened up a whole new set of opportunities for young people to learn skills and hands on experience in running a bee keeping enterprise.


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Please note: Direct Debits for Sponsor A Bee should be a minimum of £3 per month to be eligble for sponsorship perks. If you wish to sponsor more than one bee, enter a multiple of £3. To buy sponsorship as a gift fill out the form below and we’ll confirm the addresses to send the packs to via your confirmation email.


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