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We have missed you all during lock down! We have tried to keep in contact and offer a range of activities but we know we don’t always get it right. By completing this survey you will help us to learn what has been useful, what hasn’t, and ideas of what we can do as we slowly come out of lock down.


This survey will give you a chance to have your say and help us to improve . All completed surveys will be put into the prize draw for the Amazon Echo dot.


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Launch of Ykids Online

We have launched a brand new website with resources, craft, activities and blogs for kids, youth and families to engage with whilst at home. We’ll be updating it withbrand new content every day.


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Ykids Online


Our Vision & Mission

To equip children and young people to become world changers.


To build emotional resilience and equip young people with life skills.


To encourage children and young people to be agents of change in their community.


To enable our community, its families and institutions to make change and be changed.

About Ykids

We believe in enabling children to become the best that they can be, develop emotional resilience and reach their full potential. We encourage youth leadership, volunteering, skills development and dreaming dreams. Our vision is for a world where children feel safe, loved and lead happy, productive lives, making a positive impact in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Our Values

Ykids works to make change and be change. We have an holistic approach where children come first, are consulted and encouraged to help shape our delivery. We see young people for their potential and all that they can become, valuing their gifts and creativity whatever challenges they face.


Young people at the centre:

Always at the heart of what we do.


Assets not issues:

Valuing everyone for what they bring and not the
challenges they face.



Committing for the long haul, to people, places and transformation.



Working with others and building friendships.



Constantly seeking ways we can improve and make new discoveries.



Dream big dreams.



Inspiring imaginations.



To be the best we can be.



Life is for living and enjoying.



In yourself, in others, in God.

  • Kingsley & Co

    Kingsley & Co is a magical bookshop and literary project opening in the Strand Shopping Centre.

    The shop is based around the life of Mary Kingsley, a Victorian explorer, full of oddities and eccentricities and a place for young people to explore their imagination


Our 8 Areas of Work

Ykids works in 8 key areas to offer as many opportunities for children, young people and their families to engage with us and commit to them
long term, measuring participation in years rather than weeks.

Youth & Children

We offer multiple regular groups aimed at children 5 -17 yrs focused on wellbeing, mentoring, citizenship, belonging, skills development and fun. Includes one off events and activities, short and long term programmes.


Ykids seeks to become a more self sustaining charity. We do this through Social Enterprise businesses. Ykids runs North Perk café, a social enterprise employing young people with barriers to work, and Kingsley and Co, a bookshop experience promoting literacy.


We offer support and promote family cohesion, through family projects, peer mentoring and training, 121 support and practical help such as court and hospital visits, food and crisis intervention.


We usually host an annual community project once a year, in the past we’ve done fun days, street play, garden clear ups, mural painting and more. We deliver social action projects and largescale events involving multiple partners and the wider community e.g. the ‘Believe Awards’, the Bootle Games.


Addressing physical and emotional wellbeing through cooking, nutrition, sport, organic food growing in our community garden and early intervention CBT programmes.


We work in primary and secondary schools to deliver assemblies, self-esteem programmes and extracurricular activities, building relationships, mentoring and offering curriculum enhancing projects eg: Bootle Children’s Literary Festival.


We offer apprenticeships, work placements, intern programmes, work experience, bespoke and accredited training opportunities.


Ykids has a Christian ethos and therefore some of our work is with local (and some not so local) churches. Our Christian work is distinct from our community work and has different aims. We work in partnership with churches to deliver training, events and activities to promote effective outreach in deprived communities

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